Slow Down To Eat Pizza


Pizza and pizza takeaways are synonymous with the fast world we live in today, especially those living in built-up areas and large cities dotted all over the globe including South Africa.

Fast food and take away food certainly has its downside when it comes to skimping on freshness and taste, plus it takes away from the joy of sharing meals around a table with your family; that need not be the case if you are smart enough to find fresh and fabulous!

How to make your take-out fit in like a home-cooked feast

  • Always choose your take-away food with care; select the one that boasts only using the best and freshest ingredients every time the food is prepared, such as pizza from your fave pizza joint – no exceptions.
  • Pizza can be enjoyed around a warm cozy fire during winter shared with friends or eaten as a picnic lunch during your break at the office.
  • Pizza can also be a meal enjoyed with the kids after school in a park where you can share the day’s activities.

Life is indeed really short, therefore make the most of every minute by cutting out hours in the kitchen, ordering in, and enjoying a pizza or similar with the people closest to you.

The pizza has been around for decades and has become an international favourite for many ranging from the very young to the super-old. Although traditionally an Italian dish, this wonderfully easy-to-share and easy-to-enjoy meal is a feast all on its own, but remember that the secret often lies in the additions and toppings added or not added to the base.

If you have forgotten the joy of eating a meal at the table shared with family, or are always running from pillar to post and never have the time to prepare a home-cooked meal and never ever smell the proverbial roses during the course of your frenetic journey from one end to the other – just stop and slow down and find a way to make your fast food memorable,  whether it’s a pizza or other food-on-the-move; invest in  something that can be enjoyed with friends and family. Most importantly, remember take-out need not be nasty and stale, but fresh and inspirational.

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Fax to Email: Giving Your Business the Edge

Free fax to email south africa

Business owners need to sit up and take notice of the new phenomenon that is sweeping the online document management world into a frenzy. Okay, it’s not that new, but it certainly is on everyone’s lips. Fax to email is a document transfer solution that makes it simpler to go from document sending to document receipt. If this is something you do quite often in your business, you should probably be using the system, though it may seem frivolous to change without a good reason.

The good reasons for using fax 2 email systems start right here. For one thing, fax to mail is a system that makes your employees more productive. The amount of time spent in front of the fax machine waiting for documents is quite ridiculous and most employees probably enjoy using the excuse ‘I’m waiting for a fax’ to get out of some boring task or other. This is not an excuse they’ll be able to use ever again, because with fax to email South Africa, they’ll get their faxes straight to their email accounts and won’t have to get up at all. That means less time spent on chatting and more on working.

As for the money your business spends on fax machine supplies, consider the yearly budget allocated just to that. Besides the phone line rental, you also have to spend money on paper, on ink and on maintenance. Those fax machines are not going to clean themselves. Now consider this: your company will be able to cut its ink and paper spend in half, since getting a document digitally means no need to print unless absolutely necessary. As for the phone line rental and the maintenance costs, you can say goodbye to that frivolous spend forever.

Finally, know that as a responsible business owner, you have a chance to give back to the world, and that is something that free fax to email helps you with too. This is a solution that has been developed to be more environmentally sound and when you use this, rather than the bulky old fax machine sitting in your reception area, you are playing your part in keeping the world going. And you don’t even have to pay to do it. Fax to email services are free so you lose nothing but the Earth, and your business, stand to gain a lot. Still not convinced? Well, take the time to do the math and you’ll see that you have a great tool just waiting to be disposed of, a tool that will save you time and money, and even hassle and that may take your business from strength to strength even faster.

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Recruitment Agencies in Johannesburg that Provides Excellent Service

If you are a business owner and rely on the skill of certain personnel to ensure that your particular business runs as smoothly and as efficiently as possible, then you would most certainly benefit from a recruitment agency in Johannesburg that provides an excellent and personal recruitment service.

Recruitment Agencies in JohannesburgThere are a number of top recruitment agencies operating within the greater Johannesburg area that are focused primarily on delivering a comprehensive recruitment service model that includes the collecting and collating of a wide range and scope of CV applications, and then taking those thousands of CV applications in order to find the exact right fit for the position or positions that need to be filled.

Recruitment Agencies in Johannesburg will not only spend a great deal of time and energy in collecting or gathering relevant CV applications but will also be proactive in ensuring that they attract the right sort of applicant right off the bat. This usually entails extensive advertising of a particular position, listing not only the most essential requirements needed for the position, but also additional skills that would make an applicant a stronger candidate for the position in question. Once a short list of the very best potential candidates has been created, this short list will then be forwarded to the client for further input.

The role of a top recruitment agency in Johannesburg goes further than just representing the needs of a company; the perfect recruitment agency will ensure that it looks to fulfill all the needs of both sides of the equation, the client company looking to fill a particular position, and the skilled and qualified person looking for a position in the perfect company.

A recruitment agency that provides the perfect service knows this all too well and will ensure that they do the very best that they can for the prospective employee. This includes helping the prospective employee present the best possible CV for consideration, helping the prospective employee to present the most professional delivery of their particular set of skills and qualifications to the potential employer.

A top recruitment agency will also be proactive on this side of the equation, ensuring that thorough and relevant research is done into job availability within a particular field and also provides a comprehensive service when it comes to contract negotiations prior to both parties signing. For more information about Recruitment Agencies in Johannesburg go visit

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Exclusive First Drive for the Porche 911 GT3

Porche911GT3As usual, there were huge crowds of massive petrol-heads fighting to get a picture of the latest super cars from the usual Lamborghini, Ferrari and McLaren at the Springs Geneva motor show. A surprise to most, over at the Porches stand, there stands the newest member to the super car family, the drop dead gorgeous, breathe taking, unbelievably stunning Porche 911 GT3.

With a top speed recorded at 195 mph (314 km/h) on the track and a performance record of 0 – 60 in 3.3 sec, Porche fans were uneasy at the fact that Porche has moved away from their well known Le Mans-winning Mezger engine from the previous GT3s to a much more stronger and more powerful engine which is only available in an automatic transmission. Unlike the older visions, the new GT3 is available with a perfect Dual-clutch Automatic Transmission which is said to be the best move they have ever done.

The new Porche GT3 has and always will be the 911 that provided the market with all of the least technology crazed petrol-head Germans would call “progressive build,” and as a result of it all, it has led the super car world in terms of driving experience and performance. It was and still said to be the rawest, and purest of expressions of everything in this world that defines the Porche 911, right down to its born to race motor and wrist breaking manual shift lever and gear change.

The new Porche GT3 has an overall length of 178.9 in. with a wheel base of 96.7 in. Porche has made sure that when designing this car, they are not only going to build a car that will rival its competition, but also to stand out from a crowd with immense beauty and perfection.

The GT3s new engine demolishes its power peak where the old GT3 hit its rev meter limitations. This car redlines the speed-o-meter at 9000 revs to make a mind blowing 475 hp from must 3.8 liters. This engine makes use of titanium connections rods as well as forged aluminium pistons.

Porche has clearly made a machine to reveal all opponents, This has to be the next step in the evolution of speed and power. Not only does the GT3 stand out in terms of power, control and performance, it also out plays the competitive market just by the way it looks. With suede and hand stitched leather covering most of the cars interior, this has to be a sight for saw eyes.

Porche has really outdone themselves.

9 Little Translation Mistakes That Caused Big Problems

Simply knowing how to speak two languages certainly don’t mean that you are able to translate. Translation is a very specialised skill that professionals take years to develop while working very hard to become good at it. Nataly Kelly and Jost Zetzsche, both professional translators released their new book called Found in Translation, where they give a very spirited tour of the world of translation.

translation servicesThis book is jam packed with fascinating stories about everything from various volunteer text message translations throughout the earthquake rescue effort of Haiti, to the many challenges that exist at the Soccor World Cup and the Olympics. Their personal friendships with celebrities like Marlee Matlin and Tao Ming and their stories associated with it. Regardless of which industry you need translation services, be it in the health care translation industry or corporate translations, using a translation service agency will stand you in the best stead, they said.

The importance of reliable translation is very obvious when things go deathly wrong. Here are a few examples from their book that illustrates just how high the stakes for the translation job will be.

In the early 80s Willie Ramirez was admitted to the Florida hospital, arriving in a comatose state. Both his family and friends attempted to describe his condition to the doctors and paramedics who would be treating him, but they could only speak Spanish. Health care translation was provided by a staff member who was bilingual. They translated the word intoxicado as intoxicated. However, a professional medical translation would have revealed that the word was closer to being poisoned and also don’t carry the same connotations associated with alcohol or drug abuse.

The family of Ramirez believed that he was suffering from food poisoning. As would be determined he was actually suffering from what is known as an intracerebral hemorrhage. However, the doctors proceeded as though he was suffering from an intentional drug overdose. This was consistent with some of the symptoms he showed. Because of the delay in treatment he was left a quadriplegic and received a &71 million settlement.

The point is that in order for you to offer a reliable translation service, you will need to pay acute attention to the content and its accuracy. This is perhaps one of the most important aspects that you will need to focus on during your work as a translator.

Your reputation as a reliable and accurate translator is one of the single most important assets you have as a translator, and you need to protect it. If you do, you will receive a lot of work from future and current employers. If there is doubt over your translation abilities, or your ability to keep the true gist of the work accurate, you will damage your reputation as a translator and all your work will become suspect.

In order for you to be able to pursue a lifelong and fruitful career as a successful translator, you will need to hone this aspect of your skill. This becomes even more crucial in the medical translation industry. A simple mistake, a missed nuance, and you can have severe problems on your hands. This might be evident through the dealings with a patient’s family, or with the attending doctor who might not understand the translation correctly and switch up the treatment for the patient.

This is not to say that accuracy plays any less of an important role in the corporate sector either. If there are crossed lines in communication, you could very well end up causing your employer a lot of money and problems. This is where the importance of accurate translations again reveals itself to you. These are only a few of the many problems that can derive from little issues that you may not think is a big deal when working on translation projects for your employer, but which could have far-reaching consequences.

You Are Being Followed, But By Whom?

TrackingWe have all seen in movies how goodies are following a baddie and its all part of the movie and it’s entertaining. You wouldn’t feel very entertained if it happened to you. If you ever wondered how it’s done, simply by attaching a GPS tracker onto a vehicle with a high powered magnet.

If you are in the USA and up to no good and the Feds know, they have full right to do vehicle tracking with telematics on your vehicle and see what your movements are without fussing with legalities. After 911 and you were the law wouldn’t you find any excuse?

Just as much, private investigators in the USA are allowed to do vehicle tracking with no worries. They can take pictures openly when you think you are going around doing your own thing. The way US law sees it, when one is outside in public there is really no privacy. Not like you would expect to be private as within your own four walls at home, where no one supposedly can see you.

People that the Feds in the USA have their suspicions about have actually discovered GPS tracking devices on their vehicles and removed them. Some find them replaced in another position. The US Feds must surely have their own fleet tracker and management divisions.

In other countries the authorities would tell you this sort of practice is against the law. But really, when it comes down to national security or dealing with some high profile individual person in a criminal matter, don’t say it doesn’t happen. Rubbish!

One could argue that actions such as GPS tracking and photographing are a complete invasion of privacy and harassment. For the unprincipled companies and individuals as well as insurance companies, jilted wives and girlfriends (the list is endless), it leaves one wide open to all sorts of problems.

It does make one think about investing in one of those stick things with a mirror on the end. Just to make sure no one’s checking on your movements. If only they knew.

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Choosing The Best Wedding Dress

Wedding dressEvery bride knows that one of the most important aspects of a wedding is the wedding dress. Whether you are attending Jewish weddings or Anglo-Christian weddings, the bride is always the centre of attention. Wouldn’t you like to be captured forever on film by professional wedding photographers on your special day looking vibrantly beautiful? Every girl wants the fairy tale wedding experience at the end of the day.

You need to make the correct decisions leading up to the wedding in terms of selecting the correct wedding dress. Even artistic wedding photography won’t be able to help you if you decide on the completely wrong wedding dress for the ceremony. There are various things that you need to keep in mind when selecting the perfect wedding dress for your wedding:

  • Consider your build: Take into account the build of your body when selecting the wedding dress. It is important that you view this with realistic eyes and decide on the best dress that will flatter your build the most.
  • Choosing the materials: Certain materials are great for breathing and will help you stay cool and dry on your wedding day. This is especially important when you are getting married in the summer time. No bride wants to feel sticky and sweaty on her wedding day. Speak to your dress maker to find out which type of materials really breathe and will help you stay cool on your day.
  • The frills: Sure, everyone thinks frills will look great. However, you need to keep in mind what the professional wedding photographers will have to work with. They will do their best to make you look great on your special day on the prints, but you have to give them something to work with. Frills might not be the best avenue to go with.

These are of course only some of the many aspects that you need to consider when you are looking for your beautiful wedding dress. Also consider the different wedding photography packages available from professional photographers that will help you to look stunning on your beautiful day – choose only the best for your once in a lifetime day.

4 Things Nobody Tells You About Living in Japan

things people don't tell you about living in japan

Japan is the place of martial arts and technology. It’s also the country that surprised the US on 7 December 1941 by bombing Pearl Harbor. Therefore, Japan lives in our minds as a place where the future happens and the cruel past is left behind. For this very reason many people from around the world often wonder what it would be like to live in this strange but wonderful part of the world.

There are a lot of great reasons to live in Japan, including a state-of-the-art public transport system and an extremely low (almost non-existing) crime rate. However, there are four key things that are usually left unexplained or even unspoken when considering a move to the island.

  • First of all, the highly futuristic and technological Japan that exists in everyone’s mind doesn’t exist in real life. In Japan people follow old-school ways. This means that while everyone is raving about the latest app on the I-Phone 5, employees in Japan stand in front of an old fax machine waiting for the beep and fax confirmation sheet to confirm their fax has been sent, so if you choose to live there, you can forget about internet fax. Try to wrap your mind around this beauty: Most stores and businesses in Japan still don’t accept credit card payments! That does not mean that you cannot sign for internet fax at
  • Secondly, staying in Japan during the winter season will almost certainly cause you to die from the cold! Okay, so that’s a bit melodramatic, but most Japanese houses have no form of central heating or thermal insulation. This means that blue will be your colour of the season. Permanently.
  • Thirdly, while staying in Japan, please don’t get injured at night or over a weekend. Because you will die! Melodramatic again, but do keep in mind that the hospitals in Japan are closed overnight and over weekends. Should you be involved in a terrible accident during this time, you’d better hope and pray your injuries heal on their own!
  • Lastly: Don’t expect to be invited into anyone’s home and made to feel like part of their family. The Japanese are not interested in people who don’t speak or understand their language. So expect to be an outsider for the remainder of your stay in Japan and the rest of your life for that matter!

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